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"Realize your ideas with Government Co-investment Funds

Plan & execute up to 7 figures businesses.


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Malaysia's FASTEST growth rate Equity Crowdfunding Platform


SMEs executes development & expansion plans from Funding

Over 37 SMEs Succeeded in ECF campaigns with total funded amount of RM61,000,000

Each companies received RM1,485,000 development funds with MyStartr on average




The Highest ECF Target Amount (RM10mil)



The Greatest Number of Investors


More projects succeeded on MyStartr & kickstart with outstanding growth

The Fastest to Hit Target Amount


Successful Campaigns




Total Funded Amount

New business era

Why is ECF important

to SMEs?

Fast-paced changes

new players are constantly emerging in the commercial field, and the competition is fierce.

Through ECF, the use of shares to exchange market capital, talents and resources. It is not just "financing money". There are also the following 4 advantages

If your business models/plans are attractive, angel investors tend to invest, guide and assist. With a comprehensive guidance from platform, it helps to simplify the processes.

Gain exposure through social medias & propaganda, attract more investors to support your business. Further chances to apply MyCIF (Malaysia Co-Investment Fund) up to RM1,000,000.

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MyStartr is one of the licensed ECF platform certified by Securities Commissions enables businesses funding online.

Online fundraising enables the transformation of your supporters into shareholders, who grow business with you.

Access to capital, resources & publicity, which are useful to create a complete business plan for business growth. ECF funding kickstart your business growth at the initial stage. With market support, business ideas are proven workable and feasible.

Professional Guidance

Access to Resources

Brand Awareness

Business Growth

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Value up to RM197《Road to ECF 1.0》

Reveals 7-digit funding secrets on your business path

Reviews to MyStartr

What if you have 2 choices

Having repetitive work without helping business growth or facing challenges from competition.

Not only a licensed ECF platoform

We helped over 37 SMEs succeeded funding over RM61 million for past 2 years. This achievement turns our success to be the FASTEST growing ECF platform in Malaysia.

MyStartr further engage with the BIGGEST Startup Contest to incubate & accelerate new startrups.

Connect businesses community, provides seminar & training to enlighten startup ideas.

As a business owner, we welcome you join to be one of us.


Study new-era funding, expand your business rapidly in help of capital operation, build up competitive advantages.



Why do businesses raise fund with ECF?

MyStartr not only in help of fundraising, we further help your business gaining social awareness and business exposures with platform and activites. Connecting resources, sharing to create your competitive advantages, realize your business ideas with investors support.

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Reveals 7-digit funding secrets on your business path (Value up to RM197)

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