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Do you have a good business development idea but suffer from lack of funds?

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Angel investors hesitant to invest in a new start-up

Your business is still new in the market

Not familiar with the stage of raising capital

Equity Crowdfunding

Fin-tech brings you emerging financing method

Publicaly raise fund through internet

MyStartr was founded in 2012

The fastest growing crowdfunding platform in Malaysia


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  • Lisenced by Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Reward-based Crowdfunding started in 2012
  • Obtained equity crowdfunding license in 2019

MyStartr 4 simple steps to equity crowdfunding

ECF Apply → Pre-Marketing → Live Project → Successful crowdfunding

“Our vision is to help people realize their dreams, assist 5,000 projects to build a financing industry with a market value of RM 2.5 billion.”

How mystartr can help you raise fund

We educate the investors to diversify their investment portfolio and thus making the investment decision to be easier

We provide a platform

to get the word out on

your company and build brand recognition

The process has been simplified by us and we will guide you every step of the way

Equity Crowdfunding Process

  • Fill in the application form
  • Pitch your business to MyStartr Team
  • Application approved


14 days

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Conduct due diligence

10 days


  • Sign the issuer agreement


1 day

  • Company valuation
  • Company copywriting
  • Company video
  • Pitch Deck (PowerPoint)
  • Landing Page
  • Investment package
  • Terms sheet

pRE-MARKETING preparation

14-18 days

  • Publish Landing Page
  • Contact potential investors
  • Upload promotional materials to the online platform


14-30 days

  • Public Live
  • Promoting ads
  • MyCIF investment fund apply
  • Successful crowdfunding

15-45 days


What company is eligible for equity crowdfunding?

  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Private Limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.)

What company "does not" qualify for equity crowdfunding?

  • Investment Fund Companies and their subsidiaries.
  • Public-listed Companies/Financial Institutions.
  • Companies with no specific business plan or the plan is to merge or acquire an unidentified entity.
  • Companies other than a micro fund that propose to use the fund raised to provide loans or make investment in other entities.
  • Share capital exceeding RM10 million.

MyStartr successfully completed 13 projects in 2020 and raised up to RM19.7 million

Success Campaign



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We used the money from selling T-shirts to accompany 27 children from the Children's Home. Every pattern on the T-shirt is their work.



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